Zero Heroes (Pixel Villain Studios)

Game: Zero Heroes

The Team: Pixel Villain Studios (7 First Year Students)

About the Game: Single Player Anti Hero Game

Date: April 2016 (7 Months Development)

My Role: This was the first game I ever had any envelopment in. The idea for the game was mine and I also asked the team if i could do the production role on top of any other work, as this was what i wanted to do after University.

I ended up doing 3D Modelling, Level Design, Blueprint and Play Testing. I learnt a lot from the mistakes made in this project, from the over scoping the game at the start to just the whole processes of what it takes for you to have an idea and turn it into a complete game.

We had no idea what we were doing and still the game wont build. you can download the main file and play it through the editor or watch the submission video our main artist and animator James made

Download Game: Click To Download

Game Trailer:  Click Here To Watch


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